I just finished reading Wally Conger’s blog about quitters, (www.wallyconger.com) and he revealed a most interesting fact. More folks are bailing on their jobs than are getting fired, as stated by the Department of Labor.

The most significant quit levels seem to be in financial services, and professional and business services, but people are quitting across the board — in sectors like manufacturing, retail, real estate, construction, and hospitality.

Barbara Safani, who’s spent more than 15 years in career management, recruiting, executive coaching, and organizational development, offers a few reasons, including:

  1. They were tired of being worked to the bone.
  2. The stress of their boss outweighed the stress of no paycheck.
  3. They didn’t feel engaged in their work.
  4. They left to start a family, spend more time with their families, take care of aging parents, maybe travel more.
  5. They were motivated to be their own boss, to turn a personal passion into a new career and business.

Now here is the most important step any of these quitters can take; learn what you need before you leave.

Before I left where I was working and started Training Solutions 15 years ago I learned about other similar businesses and the need for the services I offer.  I wrote my business plan and spoke to a lot of people even when I left my previous position I was still a bit hesitant but I had done my homework and when opportunity struck I was ready.

Follow your passion, create your dreams but please learn as much as you can before you take the leap.  Whether you buy my business basic books or anyone else’s (Of course I prefer you buy mine they are listed on the website www.trainingsolutions-hlc.com and more to follow) do your homework.  Be the success you deserve to be.