We all know this stands for Keep It Simple Stupid (Sweetheart). We ask someone the time and they build us a watch.

How often have we seen memos that look like this? “You should to the every greatest extent possible strive for symmetry in your involvement with the business and editorial staffs as these relate to the level of persons you may usually meet with on a regular, formal basis.” (A magazine publisher)

We do the same thing with our employees and customers. There are some very simple messages about how we interact with others. Treat people with respect and dignity, provide the information they need to make informed choices, give people the tools and authority to do their jobs, give them the feedback they need to improve and trust them to get things done right.

Pretty simple, right? Yet we constantly throw in roadblocks with cumbersome processes or lack of information. How many times have you felt let down because you heard ½ truths or were out and out lied to?

Keep the communication open, answer questions and if you don’t know the answer get it. You will be amazed at the reaction from both your employees and your customers. They may be hesitant at first but once they know you are committed to keeping it simple to enable them to meet their needs; watch how your credibility and business will flourish.