Do you have tunnel vision or invisible bars that keep you from growing your business or being the person you want to be?  Jodi Michele Cooley refers to them as a myth, that’s why she is the myth slayer (  Chellie Campbell calls them the “yah buts”  ( Seena Sharp brilliantly referred to them in the presentation she gave last Saturday as the reason businesses spend money on the wrong things because they haven’t analyzed the market correctly. (

Robert Burns wrote, “What a gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.”  Are you seeing your business as your customers do?  Do you know or understand what they need or are you giving them what you tell them they need?  Ford said you can have any color car as long as it was black,  which worked when he was the only game in town.

Have you really looked at the market to see what consumers want? Are you anticipating their needs based on trends?  Or are you always doing what you always did and wondering why sales aren’t increasing?

I challenge my clients to think beyond the obvious to see how they can expand what they offer to provide more value.  I also challenge them to think about alternatives to delivery, about alliances and collaborations

It’s time to knock down your bars and take off the blinders and see all the opportunities to grow.