Which “ation” is the most powerful in helping people achieve their goals.  Einstein says Imagination is more important than knowledge and Edison states Genius is 99 percent perspiration and percent inspiration.

Should we inspire employees to do better? Can we inspire others or can we only motivate them?   If we imagine something could happen does that inspire us to do it??  Does innovation come from imagination and does that inspire or motivate us?

Working with business owners the ones that succeed imagined their success; that’s what seems to inspire them to create the business they want.  The motivation to succeed seems to be less important and sometimes comes from a need to succeed.  People who are motivated to make their businesses work are sometimes focused on the need to make money or the need to have success.  Those who are inspired seem to be more focused on the bigger picture and the possibilities of what they imagined and what could be.  These are the businesses that tend to be more innovative and have more imagination.

What are your thoughts?