We learn behavior by watching reactions to other people.  There is a commercial on TV (when you love marketing like I do you watch commercials :-), where someone does a kindness and that person pays it forward to someone else, etc.

There is a flip side to this and not so pretty either; it’s the behavior you demonstrate in public. People watch and we talk, boy, do we talk!  I was on a webinar sponsored by a very well known speaker in the world of the power and physics of thought.  At the end, someone asked a question and he responded rudely, insulting the person who was asking.  When the speaker ended the program, I e-mailed him immediately about his behavior and he admitted to me he had been wrong but he never made a public apology; makes me wonder about his integrity.

We saw something similar at a Republican debate where nobody commented about a soldier being booed. It doesn’t matter if you liked or disliked his question he is defending us with his life he deserves to be respected for that alone. That none of the speakers commented on the rude behavior makes you wonder.

How do you treat people? How do you behave when you think nobody is watching?   Imagine if you treat others disrespectfully and are wearing or displaying your company information.  Do you think it might impact your future sales?

We have all done or said something foolish or inappropriate but be aware of the impact and apologize when you can.  Just know people are watching.