I read an article in Newsweek about women taking over the workplace.  It said that in the BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India  & China) women in the workplace increased from 30%-50%. Some historians are calling the recent recession the mancession because 11% of the layoffs were men compared to 8.3% women.

More women are going to college and starting businesses.  How is all of this impacting the workplace and families?  I have seen different types of women in the workplace; some emulate men and not always the best qualities, some are afraid to take on new roles and some are breaking all the rules and creating new models.

What is the impact on the workplace? Do men feel threatened?  Will it create friction?  Will it increase divorce rates?

My fantasy is that women bring their expertise and wisdom and share it with men’s expertise and wisdom and we create a new model that promotes the best in the workplace.  Is it possible??