What will you really do to get what you want?  We all have wishes and dreams; the successful business or job, the perfect body, the ideal mate, lots of money, but in the long run what will you do to get it?

Most of us are resistant to change.  Even the negativity that surrounds us is better than the unknown.  That is why while we may complain we are complacent. Change means risk, change means stepping out of your comfort zone.  Here’s the biggie, change takes time it doesn’t happen overnight and sadly we live in the quick fix society

I have the privilege of working with WEV www.wevonline.org  Women’s Economic Ventures and yes men can participate.  I work with the businesses in Thrive.  It’s fascinating for me to watch who has the hunger and who is resistant. I am ecstatic when I see the clients achieve their goals, many have worked very smartly, hard too but they are being smart.  Yes they get scared and yes they have doubts, but they are willing to put their feet in the water, even if it’s only the big toe.  As they see results they move in more rapidly and are soon taking more risks.

Here’s where it gets interesting; those that succeed are learning as much as they can and know that it takes time.  Then there is the group that latches on to any method out there that will sell them something; thinking the new whatever is going to organize them quickly and give them the quick fix and suddenly make money appear.  They already knew what needed to be done but were reluctant to do this and maybe this “new shiny” will make them do it. Maybe not, and that’s the sad part.

What is the fear that keeps us from doing so many things in and out of business?  Is immediate gratification better than the long haul of diet and exercise?  We make excuses even though we know we are being illogical.

How many times have your employees come up with a new idea and you were afraid to implement it?  Who are you hurting?

The question of the day is how much do you want the end result you dreamed about and what are you willing to do to get there?

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