Whatever size business it’s time to hire an employee or maybe more than one: so you write the ad and seek the perfect person.  Surprise! There is no perfect person!

I once had a client that was hiring interns and wanted them to be able to read blueprints.  I asked what level employees are doing that job and was told mid to senior level.  When asked why he would expect interns to do it he replied it would be nice if they could. Sure and it would be nice if all new employees could do their job perfectly starting day 1.  Ah, the fantasy!

Hiring correctly can be broken down into very specific steps and these steps can be replicated over and over.

  • Step #1 Define the job in terms of must-have skills, nice to have skills and traits you don’t want.
  • Step #2 Write the job description keeping it simple and knowing what skills can be trained.  For example, I want someone who knows how to use the computer and can type 30 wpm, but they don’t have to know my programs, I can teach them that.
  • Step #3 Do a series of interviews to qualify people. Review the resume looking for what they have done that is transferable and checking for written skills.  Do phone interviews for verbal skills, then, do face to face using behavioral questions.
  • Step #4 If need be, do a simulation of what they would be doing to test their ability.  An example is a typing test or a sales call.
  • Step #5 Hire them setting expectations and giving feedback

If you can do this you have a much better chance of hiring good employees for your company.  Remember you are not replicating yourself, and it is easier to train somebody to your method than the hire someone set in their ways.

Good hiring practices are a science that takes thought and time.  If you are not willing to do that then remember this every person you hire costs 3X a yearly salary until they are up to speed.  So do it your way or the right way, your choice.

By the way, I have two e-books on hiring tips including what to say or not say etc. and all the information you need to be truly effective in the process.