Ok, so I get a little dramatic.  Last week I was reminded of how powerful the internet and blogs can be.  First, let me give you a little background.   If you haven’t read “The Thank You Economy” by Gary Vaynerchuck, check it out.  In the last 20 years, most consumers became invisible but the internet and YouTube have changed all that.  Remember the guitarist whose guitar was ruined by United Airline’s www.united.com and how a song about it on YouTube go their attention big time?

Last week in my blog entitled True Confessions I talked about GE care credit www.carecredit.com.  They, like many companies, now have media analysts who check Google alerts and other sites to see what the public is saying about them.  Reminder to you, make sure you are using Google alerts go to www.google.com and click on alerts.  You can even check what your competition is doing.  The blog was on Monday and GE called on Tuesday and eliminated the $1100 fee. I still have 26% interest on the balance but they worked with me.

How many times have you called AT&T (www.att.com) been put on hold with an awful voice and worse music saying your call is important to us and keep you waiting 10-30 minutes or more?  At least tell me how long the wait is. Then they keep shuffling you to different people and alas the next month the bill is still screwed up. How important are we to them?

Then there is Chase www.chase.com who I admit is getting better in some areas however when they took over Washington Mutual they cut my credit card limit in ½ and increased my rate because as they so nicely told me they could as it was a random selection… Talk about screwing up debt to loan ratio… I hope to get my limits back one of these days and the rate reduced. We’ll see if they really care.

Why am I listing these websites?  Because media analysts do see them and they know the power we now have with the internet. I am no longer one person but I am hundreds or thousands because my blog is posted.

I thank GE for their follow through and I hope those of you reading this will exercise your power again and show who the consumer truly is and what we can do.  All hail the almighty BLOG!