Now if you are my dream man that might be a strong request I’d love fulfilled.  As a consumer, it’s the same concept in how you attract me.

When I teach target marketing I start with elevator pitches.  I want someone to grab my attention so I want to know more about what they do or how they do it.  I want to feel their energy and passion.

This is also a key area in collateral material and in branding.  If the name doesn’t grab the attention the tagline has to and the flyers and collateral have to do their job as well.  All too often materials are telling what the person does, not why the consumer needs or wants what is being sold or offered.   Think of commercials that you remember because they grabbed you. One of my favorites was a Cadillac ad for their CTS.  In fact aside from styling, the ad got me to consider that car in my car search.  The line is when you turn the car on does it return the favor?

How are you grabbing your clients?  Do you need to rethink your name? Your materials?  The better you grab the better you sell.

I’m wrestling with this right now in that the name Training Solutions was perfect when I started but now no longer encompasses all I do.  I am open to suggestions so any ideas you have send them my way, please.  If I use your suggestion you can get a free 2-hour consulting session. What do you think of fondazioneconsigliere?