Almost 2 years ago I wrote a blog about our fears.  Wow, I have been doing this blog for 2 years?? Amazing!!! Blogs are great! I get to spout my thoughts ideas and even somewhat ifs.  Ok, I’m digressing, back to fear.

When I wrote that blog I was thinking about the everyday fears that keep us from engaging in conversations with people that are “different” or that might not be “safe”. You know all the paranoia things the media has instilled that keep us from experiencing new ideas and happenings.

This time I want to ask if fear of success is keeping you from achieving the business you want and deserve.  I have a client who has a vision of a very successful operation; much bigger than what it is now.  Unfortunately, there have been some recent bumps that she is seeing as signs that she shouldn’t try to achieve her goal.  She is scared.  She thinks she doesn’t deserve it and all the emotional upheaval is wreaking havoc.  In her case, she simply needs to restructure and work on leadership skills to get back on track.  Ok maybe not simple but definitely doable and she had to look at the fear and realize what it was and that she can overcome it.

Often people are afraid to move forward or try to grow because of the changes associated with the transformation.  What if employees or colleagues are resistant, or worse yet if it changes their lives so they can’t enjoy what they once had. What if, what if, what if! Here’s the worst what if, what if they don’t achieve.  Then they really get scared at the thoughts of not realizing what they want.

Here’s the best solution; meet with a business advisor and talk about the goals and the fears. Determine if the concerns are real and get an adviser to help you resolve what can be, adjust what is necessary and let go of what is not relevant to your success. Contact me if I can assist