I find it fascinating how we or at least I continue patterns learned growing up; they almost become instinctive.  My mother always did her fall cleaning before the high holidays and spring cleaning before Passover.  Over the last week, I found myself just naturally needing to clean out something or rearrange.  By clearing out it means there is now room for new things, ideas, and yes even people.

I recently read a quote from Susan Taylor editor in chief of Essence Magazine “not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives”.

What clients, colleagues or associates are draining you or sending negative energy.  It’s time to clear them out too, to make room for the clients that praise you and pay you while renewing the passion and joy you feel for your work.

This is also the time to clear your office or workspace of unnecessary clutter  We still have 4th quarter and for many it can help increase the yearly goal. Cleaning your workspace for some reason clears your mind and interestingly you find new ideas or projects you’d forgotten that can stimulate ideas that lead to growth.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or add pressure, cleaning can actually be an escape.  Just start with one drawer or shelf. Give away books you don’t read to the library. Walk away from toxic people.   Step back and admire your success and how good you feel.