Seth Godin recently did a blog about the flip side in which he stated that if failure is not an option then there is no innovation.  It reminds me of the adage that states a blind man will never know darkness.

We need the polar extremes to project us forward.  We need fear to scare to propel us and as Chellie Campbell ( says, send out our ships.

Every day we must keep moving forward no matter what; believe in the legitimacy of what we sell, service or product.  Every day everyone who owns a business or who are striving to be better in their job faces some doubt or uncertainty.  How we handle that fear or doubt is key to our success.  Of course, it’s easier for me to tell my clients how to face it than to do it for me.  Of course, I have my “what ifs” and “oh sh**ts “.  That’s when I sit down and have a long talk with me and basically yell at me “snap out of it” (thank you, Cher, in Moonstruck)

We all fail at something nobody is perfect, sorry.  It’s what you do with the failure and fear.  Do you wallow in it or do you kick yourself in the butt and accelerate.

I have to get a new car soon, (my least favorite thing to do), but mine is 13 years old and the wear and tear is showing.  Yesterday on the way to an art festival it broke down.  Fortunately, it was Sunday,  I was on the on-ramp, not the freeway, I had somebody who knew cars come to get me and assist me, I wasn’t on my way to a client and I now know I have to go car shopping now.  Yes, it’s money I didn’t want to spend now but this propels me to send out more ships to cover it and do what I need to do to get the new car and continue to thrive.

What’s your kick in the butt????