Or to honor Chellie Campbell in her book “Wealthy Spirit” page 204, everyone is in sales.

Ok so if we are all selling, which we are, why are the elevator speeches and introductions we give such a turn-off?  We want people to buy from us because of our integrity, credibility and product or service benefit yet the 1st thing we say to people can end an interaction or discussion before it even starts.

I was at a networking event recently and except for me (better do it right if I’m going to teach it. 🙂  said their name 1st and their industry; esthetician, therapist, financial planner, etc.  Why is this a problem?  Simple it gives the listener the chance to immediately apply their perception about the industry and never hear the benefits the speaker offers.

Your elevator speech or introduction is simply a hook to get someone’s attention and unless your name is famous and you can play with it, your name or industry means zero to the listener.  Your industry is only important if they need that and the chances there are small.

Tell people a problem, ask a question, or provide a hook to get them to listen to you.  I might ask if the listener knows their target market and how to reach them before their competitor does, or if they know the difference between customer service and customer satisfaction and why that is a major factor in their business success.  One of my clients teaches people how to like their kids and enjoy family time again.  If you think that doesn’t get people to listen, guess again!

Think about how you come across to others and if you aren’t sure ask your friends or ask me.  Make sure when you sell you, people know how wonderful what they buy will be!