There is a theme that seems to keep reappearing and I don’t know if it is caused by the egos of the individuals or their ignorance of information.  What am I talking about??  The people, who sadly are usually professionals, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, and some companies, who think that by merely being present they will attract business.  They do not need any kind of marketing plan or approach and they certainly don’t need business coaching. Are they kidding?

These are often the same people who bemoan the economy or take out ads in publications that only say their name and area of specialization.  If I already use someone in the profession why would I switch? What is my incentive?

I remember Chellie Campbell ( describing an event she went to where everyone stated their name, location, and specialty and were appalled that she sang her intro.  She did get clients.  Perhaps fun was beneath them.  How sad!

Do these people believe that once people know their name they will flock to them?   Are they unaware that basic business skills, especially marketing was not taught in their graduate programs and without it they could fail no matter how good they are in their professions?

I once met a dentist who was having a lot of problems getting clients.  She was not accurately charging to break even, didn’t really understand the concept, and didn’t know the benefit to patients of using her. She thought being a top student and an expert in her field would draw patients.  It didn’t.

Why is it so hard for many professionals to realize that without basic business foundations it doesn’t matter how good they are.  I hope you are smarter than that and make sure you have all your business systems and target marketing in place so you can focus on what you love doing, grow your business and maybe have fun along the way.