Depending on whether you are a service or product company you see innovation differently.  With products, you want to create the newest smartest brightest whatever in the market.  You want to make sure your product is the one the consumers flock to. For service providers, the task is a little harder.  Providing service in a new way perhaps but new service?? Is there such a thing?

Whichever you are how do you innovate; based on what?  All too often changes come about because of competition not because of customer need. But wait, our competitors don’t buy from us our customers do so who are we servicing?

I just found out the woman who gave me my manicures has left the shop.  I can either go to someone else or find a new place.  I learned she went to another shop where the focus is on manicures and pedicures if I don’t want both will I go there or stay where I am?

What service do you offer that is special to you and your delivery? How will you make it easier for your clients to get your product or service and separate yourself from your clients?  It’s all about the perceived value.  Some of my potential clients aren’t ready for consulting services so I created a business basic series to fill some of the gaps.  I create smaller packages they can afford; knowing if I give the value they need they will continue.

How are you innovating to attract more clients? Let your competition be the impetus to review what you do and step up your game.