Has common courtesy gone the way of common sense??  Were people always rude or is it just more blatant today?  Several things happened recently that make me wonder.

Besides working with companies on their foundational infrastructure, I also work with individuals on career transition (sort of an adjunct to my business since I have been doing it for so long).  I am always amazed at the rudeness of hiring managers and others in companies. Imagine having great interviews and being told you are going to meet with the CEO then being told that was a mistake and we may hire someone else and oh yeah your interview wasn’t so great. What is the point?  Or my favorite is going through 3 months of interviews gradually moving up then after the last interview being told never mind we decided not to have that position and how did you like our process?  Are you kidding?? You want to tell them what you really think but maybe you shouldn’t burn bridges.

Whether a networking call or a potential client or new hire, why is it so hard to call back?  I have heard this from others and I experience it myself.  We know everyone is busy and unless you are a priority or it’s an emergency we don’t reply immediately but not to reply at all?? That’s disrespectful.

Don’t people realize others talk?  Whether it’s a product, service or even network contact, your actions are observed and yes, reported.  With social media, the ability to enhance or destroy a reputation is so easy today. Maybe as more people “call out” those who have been discourteous things may change, maybe.

I promise to make sure I reply to people and be more respectful.  What do you promise to do?  How have you handled rudeness in the past?  Please share.