Last Saturday I gave a presentation to a special division group from ASTD.  The topic was personal goal setting and commitment.  We all set goals especially around the New Year and the question is what are we willing to do to achieve the goals.

Even Myles, who is 6 years old, knows the importance of commitment to his basketball team, and why there is an “I” in commitment. We set goals and have dreams but when things get tough or we face adversity we find excuses or just quit.

My commitment to my clients is to help them achieve their goals but they need to make the commitment too. They need to be willing to do the work and follow through. If I give resources and tools I expect them to fulfill their obligation.

I also believe in under promise and over deliver, .but that’s another story.

What are you willing to commit to in your business and your personal life?  How much do you want to achieve your goals? What will you do to make your dreams reality?