Saturday I heard Chellie Campbell speak ( and as always I learn something.  She was talking about affirmations and how having a positive attitude makes others more willing and interested in buying from you which in turn makes you money.  The other concept is affirmations help you stay focused on your goal.  We all agree just saying them doesn’t achieve them you have to take action.  Saying them does ask what you will do to achieve the goals.  (One of my favorite affirmations from Chellie is “when I commit the universe will supply what I need”).

The same day I heard Chellie and enjoyed having lunch with her I saw the movie the Adjustment Bureau, which poses the question do we have free will or is our life preplanned?  (Good movie)  So now here comes the big question; if we do have some say in our lives and if by committing we are determining our say, how much will you risk to achieve what you want?  I’m not telling you to take dangerous chances; although I did jump off a mountain and went parasailing, but that’s another story.

What are you willing to commit to in your life? What dream do you want?  Are you willing to go out and take action or are you sitting at home waiting for money to suddenly appear?  It ranges from I want to fit into that outfit by such and such date and this chocolate won’t hurt, uh huh; to how many hours and what do I need to do to make my business thrive?  How many doors will I knock on to sell my product or get financing?  Remember risks can be calculated and it’s best to know any threats or hazards and to know if they are real or imagined.  For the 1st 20 people who sign up on my website, I’ll send my e-book on goals and SWOT to help you stay committed. (Make sure I get your e-mail) It’s time to commit to the life you want and deserves and take the risks that will help you achieve them.