1st I must tell you how excited I was that Chellie used one of my blogs with hers today http://chellie.com/blog/?p=1275.  What a great way to start a Monday morning.

What she does is model networking behavior that helps everyone; it’s sharing resources and providing referrals.  When you have a client or customer that you know could be better serviced by another do you offer the other person or do you try and keep the sale to yourself even if you aren’t the best resource?

As much as I want my kid to believe I’m omnipotent, I’m not.  LI connect my clients with other resources to assist them so they can achieve their goals.  I know it will come back to me because they see where my focus is; on them.

I recently needed a piano moved from upstairs to down and called Scott Patterson www.meatheadmovers.comwho is a member of the Conejo chamber. He told me it wasn’t his expertise but suggested Bob Jones Aim Piano Transport

805-653-6265.   Bob was amazing and I’ll remember Scott in the future.   I made sure to send Scott a thank you.

That’s how we expand our businesses and our credibility; we follow through on what we say we will do and if we can’t help directly we find the person who can.  Our clients are happy because we have solved their problem and they remember us and will recommend us to others.  Give a little get a lot. How are you helping your clients today?