Never thought you would see a headline with these words together??  Ok let’s talk about it but 1st a word from our sponsors…

Lose 30 pounds in 10 days,  No exercise eat what you love and the fat melts away with this magic pill for only $49.99

Shake your weight off with his new apparatus… In a matter of days you too can have rock hard abs

Buy this… take that … eat this.. blah blah blah

Ok, we’ve all tried to find the magic pill the fast fix the easy cure all of it because down deep we know the right way and it takes time and consistency and persistence.  It means you have a goal and a purpose and are working towards it..

No different than being in business.  You need a plan a foundation, goals, direction and purpose..

How many ads have you seen or e-mails have your received touting buy this amazing series for only … and you too can have all the customers you want!  Or sign up for this seminar regularly $10,000 but for you $4999 and learn how to make $10,000,000 practically overnight..

Sorry ,but the only ones getting rich are the people who sell this stuff.  You still need to do the plan create the processes and develop the foundation and if you don’t all the CDs, DVDs, and seminars won’t help unless you are ready, willing, and able to do the work.

This might not be the most fun part of having a business but hey exercise and limited “fun foods” may not be fun either.  I don’t care, how good the gum, it doesn’t make me forget the Godiva chocolate. However, keeping my eye on the prize helps me get through it, because I know the reward is fantastic.

Planning and then doing the operational work, like exercise needs to be paced.  You aren’t going to exercise 10 hours one day and none the next. So as they say you eat the elephant one bite at a time.. Segment the overall plan and the day to day operations. You can do this and just keep your eye on the prize; your successful business.. Every day you build it and every day you get better and better.

By the way, if you need a clear outline on creating your business plan or determining if you should even go into business I just wrote 2 e-books with 3 more to follow.  Bankrupt or Billionaire help you decide if you should go into business and Plan for $uccess teaches you the business plan basics.