Am I missing something?? What is the purpose of badmouthing someone who is good at what they do but may just not be the right match for you or your product?

Today I heard a colleague tell an individual that a certain service provider was ok but she should choose other people who are more high profile and also more expensive.

Not once did the colleague ask the individual what their needs were.  My perspective is to give the individual options explaining the pluses and minuses of each.  Ironically, this colleague has used and loved the services of the person being discussed.

Does the colleague really believe the person being bad-mouthed will not hear about it?  How about reciprocity?

On another occasion, I saw a business owner who relies on good customer service and referrals totally ignore, and later whisper about, a service provider who used collections to retrieve money owed from a friend of the business owner.

We have all had bad business dealings and have all dealt with people who aren’t credible.  Those are people you want to warn others about so no harm comes to them.

Why go after the people who do no harm to you and are just trying to make a living.  Denigrating them is just not good business. If someone is telling me negative things about a colleague O wonder what they are saying about me behind my back.

Remember karma, what goes around comes around and if you don’t want people doing it to you, don’t burn a bridge.