No – I am not referring to the spiritual and I know when you were born your parents thought you were perfect.  I saw “Black Swan” and saw the work invested to be perfect.  Here’s the problem with perfection; striving for it we lose our vulnerability and humanness that connects us with others.

I am certainly not telling you to do mediocre work; what I am saying is be the best you are, flaws and all.

We all know people who strive to be nice to everyone and never say a bad word about anyone.  So instead they miss opportunities to help others learn and grow by giving appropriate feedback or connecting to new ideas.

In your struggle to be perfect at your job whatever it is do you miss chances to develop your uniqueness? Being perfect is not the same as doing your best.  Give your best at whatever you do.  Give all you can without sacrificing your values.  Be the most original unique you and see how people appreciate and relate to you more.  Nobody is perfect, ever.  Get over it…