I should also ask are you aware?  Last blog I talked about Peter Shankman’s book Zombie Loyalists and he talked about listening to your employees and your clients. www.shankman.com

By the way, listening to your employees helps keep them engaged if you empower them and enable them to share in the growth of the business.  That’s part of the seminar I do with www.hrbusinesssolutionz.com  creating high performing organizations through engaged employees. Here’s the free seminar https://creativekdg.wistia.com/medias/1e10dehja9  email me for the handouts.

Ok end of commercial

I was perusing Facebook and more specifically Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/02/tanya-heath-interchangeable-heels-womens-footwear_n_6987302.html?utm_hp_ref=style&ir=Style&ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063 and saw this article.  Tanya Heath is brilliant.  Aside from having 2 shoes with the upper design you love. You have a shoe that fits the way you want that you can change to meet your needs.  Can’t wait to see her innovation for purses.

This begs the question, what is happening in your industry and more importantly what do your customers want?  We think we know, we offer; but is that what they want.  Henry Ford never asked people what they wanted because he said they would just want faster horses but did they only want black cars?

I used to do a lot of work with National ASTD now www.ATD.org and when we were reviewing the chapter award program we used the following guidelines to assess customer satisfaction.

  1. Did you ask?
  2. Did they tell?
  3. Did you listen?
  4. Did you implement?
  5. Did they like it?

This applies to employees and customers.  You may not be aware of trends or conditions in your industry but your staff might and they can help you change your world.

Learn to listen and be aware.