I know I recently wrote about common courtesy but I have to bring it up again.  Maybe it’s the way I was raised both personally and in business and maybe it’s my values: but I just don’t get some behaviors.

A colleague of mine saw a request for assistance in a very high-level professional group.  She most generously gave the individual who made the request my name and contact information along with a little about me. I, too, followed up with the person; nothing.  At least acknowledge that we sent e-mails.  At least recognize that if we weren’t the best person maybe we know others who might be better suited.  Why ask if you don’t want the information?

Now here’s the biggest reason to respond people love to talk and say negative things about other people; yes we gossip a lot and guess who we will talk about in terms of lack of follow through.  Do you want to do business with people that don’t follow up?

Then there is the doctor my friend has been going to, who doesn’t return calls, and are you ready for why?  He’s too busy!  He has no time to call you back to answer your question.  Talk about not valuing your patient.  Needless to say, she found a better doctor and you bet she is telling everyone about his lack of professionalism.

There is the potential client who you meet with and create a proposal for who ignores your follow up e-mails and voicemails; then wonders why his business is not succeeding.  If you don’t want to hire a consultant or service that is your choice but at least acknowledge that. Don’t wait until several voice mails or e-mails have occurred.

We are all busy trying to develop or work our businesses how hard is it to send an e-mail response thanking the person and letting them know when you will get in touch with them or if you are putting things on hold.  Seriously think about the message you are sending.  That person could be a prospective customer or could recommend customers, but won’t because of your rude or ignorant response.