Risk!   Send shock waves to new business owners or worse yet companies that are ready to grow to the next level and discuss taking a risk. Let’s add a new staff member. Let’s raise prices.  Let’s open a new store.

Immediately the “what if” questions swirl!  What if we don’t sell the products?  What if our profit margin shrinks?  What if we don’t get the revenue to justify hiring more people?  Yes, I could go on and on but I won’t.

First breathe, then stop and think. If someone is going skydiving do they just jump out of a plane? Hopefully not!  They planned it checked their equipment studied what they needed to study, spoke to experts and made sure the conditions were favorable.

Didn’t you do the same thing in your business?  Didn’t you develop your strategic plan, create the SWOT analysis, hire consultants (like me of course) review the course of action and make sure you are prepared?  Yes, growing is a big step and sometimes scary, but what is the alternative? There are so many stories of people who give up before achieving their dreams because they were afraid to try, to take the chance.  But there are even more stories of people who took the risk and tried; they may not have succeeded the 1sttime but they persevered and did amazing things.

Nobody is telling you to gamble it all or make foolish decisions but calculated risks have enabled companies to grow and to thrive.  Step out of your comfort zone, look around, explore possibilities and imagine if you took a risk. Now that’s a “what if”!