A recent experience reminded me of the behavior we often see in others when change occurs.   When I first learned of the change that was necessary I told myself no biggie it is what it is deal with it and move on. However, as time passed and I saw inconvenience and changes that need to be made in various areas I suddenly became very angry.  Why me? Why do I have to do this?  Why can’t I just continue the way I was I was fine!

Sound familiar?  All of a sudden all the things I taught my clients came rushing back and I realized the anger was all part of the process of change and it was the part that was created out of fear and lack of knowledge. It was the anger that reduces us to the pouting 5-year old that says no until they are shown how much better the “new” will be.  Gradually, as they try the “new”, the pout goes away.

For me, I’m getting as much knowledge as I can and slowly, step by step the anger is dissipating and I’m learning to accept change.  It’s still 3 steps forward and 1 or 2 back.

What are you doing to help your clients, your staff, or yourself, to embrace change?  Is information provided before the process starts and is it done in a usable format?  Too often if questions aren’t asked we don’t offer more yet many times we don’t know what to ask.  Give more information than requested, answer honestly but don’t overwhelm.  Once the change process begins they need you more than ever to answer questions, quell fears and discuss concerns and options. If you don’t know the answers tell them and together find alternatives that work for all of you.

When going through any kind of change process information is power and the more anger or other emotions you can reduce, the better.  Remember it is a process that takes time and we need to go through all of it; unfortunately.