In the movie, “The Devil’s Advocate,” starring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves; Pacino (The Devil) is trying to get Reeves to join his side. He asks the following question:

“Guilt is like a bag of f**king bricks. All you gotta is set it down… Who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway?”

Now the big question are you feeling guilty if you aren’t working tons of hours?  If you aren’t making sure everyone is doing exactly what you told them to do? If you aren’t controlling every aspect of the business?

How’s that working for you? Bet it isn’t  Has your company or department become the chain around your neck?  Are you afraid to take time off?

SURPRISE!!  You can only control yourself  including your actions towards what you can’t control. Isn’t it time to let go?

One of the biggest failings of founders, owners, and entrepreneurs is they don’t know how to let go. They don’t trust that the people they hired will do what needs to be done the way you want.  Oh No!!  What happens if they do it better or even just differently with a solid outcome?

You hired the best people for each department. You gave them the training and tools they need to perform as needed.  They receive appropriate feedback to help them continue to deliver and meet or exceed goals. Yet you won’t let them fly.  Who does that impact? YOU!  Several years ago an owner of a small company finally hired the right assistant.  He was finally able to take the family vacation. What have you been missing  because you felt guilty or afraid to delegate or trust others?

The business began as a dream has it become a nightmare because you can’t seem to get away?

Need help learning how to let go? Contact me I can coach you how to delegate, create solid systems, and find new ways to work that enable you to let go and enjoy!

You should try it. It feels great!!!