A few recent incidences got me thinking about the choices we make especially in business.  Yesterday I was at a  networking group and met a woman new to the area who was doing business development I invited her to a networking group today at the chamber to meet people and it was free!!! ( one of my favorite 4 letter words)   She was excited but never showed up.  Two of my clients who are trying to grow their businesses chose not to show up and one is a member of the chamber group.

Why??? When Malcolm Gladwell wrote Tipping Point in 2000, ( wow didn’t realize how long ago it was )  he talked about 6 degrees of separation and suggested if you are seeking new employment don’t just tell the people you know but go beyond your inner circle as they probably know the same people you do.  This holds even truer for business.  You never know who knows whom and how they can help you.. Opportunities are all around us but we can’t participate in them if we don’t take the steps and put ourselves out there.

When I was in Boston with my friends Karen http://hrbusinesssolutionz.com, and Bette http://balancedparenting.com I met a singer Sheree Dunwell great conversation who introduced me to her sister who is out here and works for Robert Half and who is going to help me with my career transition clients.  I joined the Greater Conejo Chamber and got clients in my networking group and when I did lunch and learn seminars. as well as the breakfasts.

Why wouldn’t you go to events that help grow grow?  If you feel you need an elevator speech or help in how to network talk to me I can teach you!!   If you are stuck with fear read books like The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins  (http://melrobbins.com) she will teach you the tricks to help you overcome your fears.  Every networking event won’t be a winner but you will be seen and people will talk and share and who knows where the next lead will be. Just get out there!!!

When opportunity comes knocking Open the Door.  You never know where it leads. or as the great Wayne Gretzky says “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take”

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