There are several LinkedIn groups that are suggesting people friend each other on FaceBook.  That’s a great idea, sorta.

Once you have all those friends what are you doing with them?  Do you send information that could be useful?? Do you ask questions? Do you find ways to connect? What is your purpose of friending people?

My fan page is a link to my blog, which offers business ideas, plus it is a way to tell others about the great things some of my clients and friends are doing.  Most importantly it is a way for others to get to know me and what I stand for and what I believe in.  When they are ready to seek a business consultant to help them with their business, I am now a known entity, or at least more known than just my website.

As I asked in one of my previous blogs is it quantity or quality you seek?  Is it just a numbers game or are you providing information and resources to assist others whether they are potential clients or not?

Someone once explained the difference between the 3 most common social media sites.  LinkedIn is business networking, finding resources or jobs or connecting with colleagues.   Facebook is more of the family BBQ; catching up on who is doing what, sharing favorite sayings or news, and creating a presence that may reflect your brand.  Twitter is sitting on a subway car with lots of people some you want to say hello to and others not, but it’s fleeting

Which format is right for you?  Do you want to do business or just have fun?  Do you want to connect with old friends or meet new ones?  Do you want to see what your favorite stars and celebrities are doing?

Figure out what you want and make it work for you, but don’t think that just friending people is going to increase your business, create your brand or change your life.