Like you I have had enough of all the ads and everything else related to the elections but I also learned something by watching the players.

First, there has to be a strategy and that has to be related to your target audience.  Obama knew the race would be close and he had to gain the electoral votes.  Yes, he won the popular but by a slim margin.  He knew who his target market was and not just the demographics but the psychographics as well.  He appeared to have a plan to go after the target in the states with the highest electoral votes.  Additionally, he did not forget the states like California that had many of his supporters.

In your business is your strategy related to your target market or are you continuously responding to competitors?  Who drives your business?  There is an old line if you fail to plan you plan to fail and this is so true in business today.  You need a plan, a road map, a blueprint. You have to know your audience and your direction so you know the resources and the structure.

Second, you need to be persistent.  There are times storms will arise and you will need to batten the hatches and focus on being secure and safe.  At these times your plan and your foundation will enable you to rebuild what may have been damaged and allow you to be persistent in your pursuit of your goals.

Third, is stick to the message. Know your brand and your identity.  You can’t be all things to all people but you can be the right one for your target audience.  When you change your brand, image or message you confuse your customer and they don’t know what you are selling.  Confused customers may go to the competition.

The moral, have a strategy, be clear and concise in your message, and persistent in the achievement of your goals and you too will find success.

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