Are we still suckers for quick fix programs and empty promises?  Are we enthralled by the huge price tag and assume the higher the price the better the content?

Ok so if you are in business or thinking of starting a business how many business and “how-to” books have you bought?  How many have you read?  How many do you follow?  Aha! The connection!

If I hear of one more “guru” who charges several thousands of dollars a day to teach you to network, to give you millions of followers on Facebook to rebrand you or to change your life I’ll scream!  Yes, there are some amazing experts out there.  Ok, I may be a little jealous that they get big dollars for some of the things I do all the time without charging a bundle.  I definitely need to revisit and rethink that one.

But here’s what I don’t get; you go to an event or several events and spend thousands of dollars to hear somebody tell you how they have the “secret to success”.  You listen carefully, taking copious notes, absorbing it all, and even buying the book, CD, or DVD.  You go home and place it all on the shelf right in front of you.  Now here’s the trick question.  Do you use it? Here’s the even weirder part most of what they told you, you already knew but because they commanded a high price you thought they were more correct, convincing, credible than the person who charged you less or horrors gave it to you free.

Here’s another thought. For the same amount of money to go to one event to hear speakers give general information, you can hire a consultant/coach/advisor that can customize the information for you and teach you how to effectively use it.  Even better they may keep you accountable and get you to actually use the information.

I’m not against listening to experts or buying their books, etc. That’s how we all learn, but please stop being gullible and think about what you are getting and how you will use it. I want you to succeed; stop being the sucker who falls for the snake oil.