Again today, I have the possibility of listening to at least 5 webinars or teleclasses all for free. Of course 3 of them are at the same time but that’s ok as they are recorded and I can listen later.  Wait who has time??? There is a statistic I read that amazed me; we have access to more information in one day than an average person living in the 1930’s had in a lifetime.

So what do we do with all of it? It would be so easy to convince ourselves that we are doing research and gaining information.  So what!!! How will the information be used or is it just being stored in case you need it down the road.  Putting on both my manager and entrepreneur hat, this is when you and I need to set boundaries based on our businesses and where we want to be.

There are so many topics; how to raise spiritual awareness and make money, how to learn how to make money, how to grow your business and make money, how to use social media to make money how to use webinars to make money. If I am spending all my time listening to this stuff either first time around or rebroadcast when am I making money? When am I putting into action what I learn?  Am I really learning anything new?  That’s another whole topic; the content of webinars.

I have a plan of where I want my business to be, how I want it to grow and unless the topics are relevant to my plan thank you but no thanks.  I appreciate all the invites; however, my time is focused on the achievement of my plan and goals.  I encourage you to do the same, identify where you want to be and only accept the webinars and other information that helps you get there; the rest are only distractions and won’t help you achieve what you want.