As we begin the New Year and set goals, (You did do them didn’t you?), it is time to think of new uses for some of the things we do or have.  Look at the next few examples and see if it can get your “what if” brain cells working.

  1. Funeral chapels are being used for weddings, graduations, and birthdays.  They are often free of charge and the staff knows how to plan an event in 2 days.
  2. Mall walkers is a “new use” that has been around for a while and some stores are posting signs just for the walkers, codes for discounts that are removed when the mall opens.
  3. Many of us need more exercise so why not the exercise ball as a chair?  Helps with posture and bouncing is exercise.  Some offices are even removing chairs and raising desks to have people stand which burns more calories than sitting
  4. We’ve all heard of the classic “new use” which is aspirin for the heart.  First, it was take children’s aspirin, now the aspirin companies have low dosage for adults specifically to meet the needs.  It’s similar to other medicines finding new usages for their products.  Did you know Botox can help with migraines?
  5. The one that is intriguing me is the “start-up” store in NY; it shows like a gallery changes like a magazine and is a retail store. It’s a unique concept, check it out at

Now the question for you, is what new uses can you imagine for your business?  Is the influx of video offering new ideas?  Are there other new uses you can imagine for what you do? A therapist told me about the new way she’ll be delivering services.  I am going to start brainstorming and imagining for my business.