I know it seems a little weird to ask this question in a blog which is basically part of social media. What prompted this is I was at an event last week and met a woman who sells social media development and support. She was explaining about SEO and many of the other search terms.

Here’s what I found interesting.  She told me the story about a potential client, a very high-end physical enhancement doctor. (How’s that for a new term for plastic surgeon?) The practice was in Beverly Hills and very successful; they had no interest in social media. She asked them to name 4 competitors and showed them that 3 of the 4 were using social media and shouldn’t this doctor.  They declined.

This goes back to what I teach my clients about target marketing; be aware of what your competition is doing but unless your clients want it don’t do it. This doctor knew what their target was and separated their practice from the competition recognizing that social media was not the vehicle they wanted to attract patients.

I have a client who doesn’t have a website because he has found his current customers and his potential customers won’t use it.  They want to call or fax in an order, be able to ask for specifications and get what they need.  The closest they get to online sales is sending a spec. sheet.  Their business has steadily grown and continues to expand.

I leave you with the same advice I have given in the past; know your target market and how they seek services similar to yours.  Know what type of social marketing works and what type doesn’t work for you.  Be open to new ideas as long as it fits your current or ideal target.  Just because the competition does it doesn’t mean you have to.