You know the expression if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.

Are you complacent about your company?  It’s moving along fine. Don’t rock the boat!

But is it really fine? Are your employees just doing the basics or are they seeking ways to grow themselves and thereby your business? Do they know why they do what they do in that order?  When was the last time you asked them or looked for better ways to serve your customers?

Your staff deals with the customers continuously and need to be empowered to solve issues and help the business.  I know how much I dislike hearing “that’s the policy”.  It makes me not want to use that service and I definitely won’t refer them. I certainly feel disrespected when my needs as a customer are dismissed.

The first area I would investigate is the hiring.  Do you have job descriptions that not only look to today but to the future? When you interview are you really looking at the person for the long term?  Filling warm bodies costs you a lot of money; 3X an annual salary.  You may be hiring a $20,000/year employee but it will cost you $60,000 in time and productivity.

Now once they are hired they need to understand the expectations of their job and how it impacts the company.  I once worked with a client who paid their receptionists the same as or less than their lowest admin people.  Yet these people had to know 2 languages, (It was an Asian company), and they impacted the perception of clients.  Once the CEO realized their impact to the company attitude and salary changed.

The year is almost ½ over; where did it go?  Now is the time to look at what you are doing and determining if you are getting the results you truly want.