I know February is the month for romance but alas this is not about weddings.  This is what many of you say when appealing to a client or trying to get a new job.  Get a clue people don’t care what you do unless it solves a problem or situation for them.

So often at networking events we meet people who will corner you and tell you all the wonderful things they do but if their product or service isn’t what we want do we really care?  If you ask them who their customer is they will tell you everyone. It seems hard for many to separate themselves from the pack by describing the benefits of their service or product.  They get stuck in the “I do”.

Here’s the key; why do you do what you do; not what or how but why?   I met a brewer who talked about his love of mixing flavors and trying new ones to entice clients. Yum can’t wait to try some!  How about someone who loves fragrance and is a customized perfumer?  Then we have the dancer who shares the love of music with others so they can enjoy it as well, or the mediator who enables people to talk to each civilly because she believes in communication.  One of my favorites is the organizer who loves the field so much she asked for a filing cabinet for her birthday when she was a kid.  Make me want to love what you do too.

Let’s get rid of I do change it to why you do and how others will benefit and watch how people listen more and want to learn more about you.  Could it impact sales in a positive way; couldn’t hurt!