Sorry to all you texter, app users out there but you are lousy at multitasking no matter what you believe and even more you are lousy at interpersonal relationships!  Ok, there I’ve had my rant!

I was sitting in the movies and could see the cell phone light as someone was texting; talk about distracting and rude. What was the need to disrupt others?  What was so important?

Here’s where it really impacts the workplace.  If I set up a meeting to accomplish a task or project and have a tight agenda, am respectful of everyone’s time I would appreciate the same.  The level of accuracy of what is done is reduced if you are too busy texting; which means lost time and possible money because people can’t let go of the phone.

Would someone tell me who has to be available 24/7?  Are you delivering babies? Saving the world?

Here’s my request: in a meeting turn off all cell phones etc.   Do the same when we have a face to face meeting. Be respectful of me and I’ll do the same for you.  Oh and if you are a student in one of my classes you can be without a message for at least 1 ½ hour until break and another 1 ½ hours till class is over.  I had a student send me an e-mail during the class my colleague was teaching… Are you serious?  It couldn’t wait?  How could that student be learning the information while e-mailing me?

All I ask is for you be in the present and stop multitasking on the phone.  Nobody can give 100% to multiple tasks.