Say the word change and watch people begin to develop a sweat or start to shake. We are adverse to change we like things to just keep going as they are; maintain the status quo. Unfortunately in business if we don’t change we die. Everything keeps changing and if we don’t keep up we lose customers and revenue.

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they plan their lives. Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” –Jim Rohn

Ok so we know change can be hard and many give up.  Think of all the gym memberships that go wasted or the treadmills that are great for hanging clothes.  We have the best of intentions, but…….

What can you do to ease change for yourself and employees?  Talk about it, discuss that it’s coming and why. Ask for their input get people involved. Even adding or taking away one position can impact several others.

Once you start the changes don’t stop talking; people are always going to have questions and even more, they will be afraid.  In many cases, they don’t know what to ask.

As you are going through the process two elements are key to success; document what you are doing and reward the successes no matter how small.  By documenting and monitoring you can evaluate the steps and hopefully make corrections as you go.  Rewards simply let your employees know you value what they are doing and appreciate the efforts.  The rewards can be as simple as bringing in lunch or dinner or going out.  It doesn’t have to fancy it does have to be sincere.  I once worked with a client who enjoyed socializing with co-workers to encourage them and often had sweets on his desk.  At an offsite from his company, he was recognized for all his efforts to maintain morale during a tough time and was given 10 pounds of cookies in a special container with his name on it.

Change isn’t easy but the status quo can be the kiss of death.  You can do it!