John Maxwell wrote “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

In his new books “The Thank You Economy”, Gary Vaynerchuk reminisces about a time when business owners knew our name and our preferences.  He also described how good service fostered referrals and all it took was one screw up for everyone to know.  All this reminded me of 2 people in particular; my dad and Mr. Bruno, my butcher. My dad had a hardware business that I grew up in; where I learned the key foundations of customer service.  He always went the extra mile to make sure his customers received not only the product they wanted but the support and knowledge they needed to use it. There were so many people and stories I remember that demonstrated the reason people trusted and valued him.  Mr. Bruno was a butcher I used when I lived in downtown Boston and in the suburbs.  All I had to do was call him and he would have my order ready and waiting along with stories and teaching me Yiddish.

I told everyone about Mr. Bruno, the same way today I tell people about my CPA and many of my clients. They all care about the service they give and the quality of their product.

How do you show your clients you care?  I would enjoy hearing your stories about great service and will list them in future blogs with your permission.