It never ceases to amaze me how connected we are.  Today a client’s sister connected with me on LinkedIn™and I learned she works with colleagues of mine.  An attendee at a lunch and learn I delivered for the Conejo Chamber of Commerce referred me to a friend of his from a church group.  Another colleague told a friend whose sister had a lead.

Because this happens so often to me and many others I often wonder why people burn bridges and dismiss those they don’t think they can assist them immediately.

A consultant I know teaches networking sessions and will give the other person 90 seconds to determine their value.  90 Seconds are you kidding??  If that is his attitude would I recommend him?  Would you?

I remember several years ago a colleague tried to undermine a presentation I was doing.  Fortunately, no harm was done, but a few years later when I was selecting a project team that colleague was not included.

Here’s the moral; we never know who knows whom or who our next client might know so be careful out there. Especially with the advent of social media word travels fast.  Be aware of how you are perceived and don’t play with matches; those bridges can burn way too fast.