First, let me differentiate customer service is NOT customer satisfaction! Service is what you intend and satisfaction is how they perceive it.

That being said there is a commercial for Ally Bank that really demonstrates my angst with some businesses.  They show 2 kids one of whom is the new customer and the other is the loyal one. The new one gets the ice cream. How many times have you seen great offers for new customers and you sit there thinking what am I chopped liver? Don’t I deserve something for my loyalty?

It’s been proven over and over that, it costs a company less to upsell a current customer than to try and attract new ones.  We also know that loyal customers can be our greatest fan and market for us.  I have 2 favorite restaurants Café Carolina and the Hideaway and I tell everyone about them.

Here’s the flip side, loyal customers who feel betrayed will leave and not tell you why but they will tell the world.  Can you afford that?

Satisfy and honor your loyal customers, treat them respectfully and enjoy the impact on your business.