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Vegging Time…. July 6, 2010

Vegging Time What a great weekend this has been for just mindless activities and some not so mindless.  We’ve often heard people say they work hard and play hard.  For me it’s also veg hard.  I love sitting on the deck and reading; sometimes even napping. This weekend...

What if…… September 20, 2012

Posted by trainingsolutionshlc in Uncategorized. trackback Have you ever sat down with a child and imagined what if?   It’s amazing all the fun things you can create.  I remember a science simulation program where the kids could create any animal they wanted but if it...

Letting Go Is SoHard to Do February 9, 2015

Posted by trainingsolutionshlc in Uncategorized. trackback No, this isn’t the name of a song from the 60’s. This is an issue I am seeing more and more with entrepreneurs in start-ups. This is their baby and they think they need to do it all. Sadly, unless you never...

Nobody Does It Better…. July 5, 2012

Posted by trainingsolutionshlc in Uncategorized. trackback Ok be honest how many times have you said it’s easier to do it youself than to have to teach someone?  Now tell me how many of you are overworked and unable to get everything done and feeling overwhelmed etc?...

Consult NOW and Save October 6, 2010

Posted by trainingsolutionshlc in Uncategorized. trackback Consult Now and Save When will we learn to ask for help before it’s too late?  Corporations make sure they allocate budgets to getting advice from the experts yet smaller businesses think it’s a luxury. It’s...



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Chere Estrin

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Alfredo Larious

Conference Chair, County of Los Angeles Dept of Mental Health

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