Every business needs a Consultant/Coach (even if they think they don’t) who will keep you accountable and who

you trust to have your back?

In the jungle of entrepreneurship, where the corporate vines tangle and the competition roars, every business faces a choice: go it alone or call in the consultant/coach cavalry. Here’s why even the toughest, most self-reliant businesses might secretly need a bit of outside help:

I had the pleasure of attending a  workshop recently and I noticed some things. First of all, I can have bragging rights because several of my clients, who I had invited, kept saying I learned this from Harriet; now that is cool validation.  Second I was surprised at how many seemingly successful business people had no clue about what they needed to do to build their business. In the beginning of my company I was one of them.I could have had more money and a better business if I had an  advisor/coach. I was fortunate to  later have a mentor for many years Cork Platts. I also had an accountability partner Karen Boublis we met monthly and I knew I better have done what i committed to or have a good reason for why I didn’t. She didn’t abide fools and was my ass kicker!

In truth, hiring someone to guide them at whatever stage they are in is probably a very wise expenditure as trusted advisors or consultants can help business owners see what they can’t see when they are stuck in the trenches.  When we have a direction and can look objectively at where the business is going we are much smarter about our resources and make much better decisions which leads to better profit margins etc..

 A few key reasons to hire a coach/consultant

1. The Lonely CEO Syndrome

Running a business can be a solitary pursuit. Your employees might nod vigorously at every idea, but are they really challenging your brilliance? A consultant/coach swoops in with fresh perspectives and the kind of tough love your team might be too polite to dish out.

2. Tunnel Vision

Ever find yourself in the weeds, so deep that you’ve lost sight of the forest? A consultant/coach is your aerial view, your drone footage, your reminder that there’s a big, beautiful world beyond those spreadsheets.

3. The Expertise Tap Dance

Sure, you’re good at what you do. But a consultant/coach brings that extra dance move to the expertise tango. Whether it’s tech wizardry or marketing magic, they’ve got a knack for bringing the latest and greatest to your business doorstep. Yes I can tap dance and tango.

4. Innovate or Die

Change is the only constant, especially in the wilds of business. A consultant/coach isn’t just a weather forecast; they’re your guide through the storm, helping you innovate and stay ahead of the pack.

5. The Reality Check

You know those crazy business ideas that keep you up at night? A consultant/coach is your sanity meter. They’ll tell you when to pull the plug on the pet project and when to go all-in, and when to morph it into something that could be even more amazing

6. The Accountability Partner

Let’s face it—sometimes you need someone to hold your hand through those tough decisions. A consultant/coach is your accountability partner, your confidant, and the voice that says, “Yes, you can do this!” and will kick your ass (gently) when you don’t

7. The Growth Guru

Scaling up? Scaling down? Either way, a consultant/coach has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt. They’re your growth guru, your roadmap to expansion, and your safety net when the ground feels shaky.

8. Because Beyoncé Has Backup Dancers

Even Queen Bey has her dancers, right? A consultant/coach is your entourage, your support crew, and the wind beneath your entrepreneurial wings. Together, you’ll make magic happen.

So, whether you’re a startup or a seasoned player in the business jungle, consider bringing in a consultant/coach. They’re not just there to nod and agree—they’re your secret weapon, your business BFF, and your ticket to conquering the corporate wilderness.

Imagine for a modest investment having consultants/coaches who can help you with your personal business plan, introduce you to resources, teach you how to hire people, create procedures manuals, teach you the laws you need to know, identify your target market and more. In other words, people who save you time, money and frustration and get your business started or moving forward with the personal touch.  Isn’t that worth it to you, to your dream?

International coach federation justification for hiring a coach/consultant is a positive change to personal work habits and the following

  • 62.4% smarter goal setting
  • 60.5% more balanced life
  • 52.4% more self-confidence
  • 43.3% improvement in quality of life
  • 25.7% more income

What are you waiting for?  Find the coach/consultant you need to help your business now before it’s too late!