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Why don’t you listen?

One of the most important lessons I teach clients is nobody has all the information so you need to find the experts who can help.  It’s important though to make sure the expert understands your business and what you need. Then if the advice is what you need to help...

Why do we need a holiday to be thankful?

Thanksgiving can be a fun day so can all the holidays but why do we need a holiday to remind us to appreciate all we have?  Do we really remember our parents only on Mother’s day and Father’s day?  Do we only show the people we love that we love them on Valentine’s...

Why do I buy from you?

There is so much I want to talk about today.  I am reading Zombie Loyalists by Peter Shankman ( thanks to my good friend Judy Estrin who ordered it and had it delivered here.  Because I work with many entrepreneurs privately and through...

Why Are You Here?

Do you have a point? Do you have a purpose?  No, I’m not referring to the larger spiritual purpose but rather reflecting on your business.  Why did you start your business?  Why do you work for the company you are with? Too often we get so consumed by day to day...

Who are you competing with?

With the Olympics coming up there is an emphasis on competing; the best in the world striving to be the best outdoing the other “bests”. This along with a Seth Godin blog got me thinking about competition in business. When I teach target marketing, I suggest analyzing...

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