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No Resolutions Please

It's that time of year. We dispense with the past and run headlong willy nilly into the future resolving all sorts of things we will do. By mid January most are forgotten and we are back to old habits. It has been proven repeatedly if you want to make a change you...

You Friended me, I Friended you, now what?

There are several LinkedIn groups that are suggesting people friend each other on FaceBook.  That’s a great idea, sorta. Once you have all those friends what are you doing with them?  Do you send information that could be useful?? Do you ask questions? Do you find...

Winding down or gearing up

Instinctively we all seem to be on a school schedule whether we have kids or not.  We become energized in September with the start of a new year; similar to January.  We are reminded of the clean notebooks and sharpened pencils ready to create new business and achieve...

Why You?

What do you provide that separates you from the competition?  As we go through our everyday lives we buy from some people and not from others.  We recommend some people and not others. Why? It’s not the money, it’s the value.  Well, sometimes it’s the money.  If two...

Why don’t you listen?

One of the most important lessons I teach clients is nobody has all the information so you need to find the experts who can help.  It’s important though to make sure the expert understands your business and what you need. Then if the advice is what you need to help...

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