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Hiring is an area of concern for you. You have heard all the words Engagement, Recruitment, Retention, and Succession Planning. You know it’s time to think about hiring staff, BUT…

People are often afraid to hire staff even an assistant; they don’t want to make a mistake. They have heard it could cost 3 times an annual salary to replace an employee.  They are not sure how to delegate or what they want so they continue to do all the work themselves. Is this you? We can help.

Our hiring services help guide you through a functioning hiring process that yields high-value employees and gives you the confidence you need for effective hiring and retention, long term.

Over the last 20 years, Training Solutions has helped clients hire the right people, develop, and retain them. Whether you are hiring one person or a team of people, we take you through the process from start to finish. We identify the need; help you with the job description and ad placement, outline the interviewing and hiring process, help you with how to identify high-value employees, and more. We guide you during the interview, making sure that you are asking the best questions to determine if potential employees will fit the culture of your organization and have the competencies you need. 

It doesn’t stop there.  As you bring the new employees onboard, we identify the expectations and measures of performance showing you how to best develop each employee. Engaged employees are the foundation of your business and are a major asset!

Whether we do the entire process for you or teach you how to do it and coach you along the way, we can take the fear out of hiring and show you how to have and retain a high performing staff.

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We offer help with every aspect of the process.

We work to coach our clients through the hiring process from interviewing to hiring the right people to developing and retaining them. Let us help you streamline your hiring process so that you are finding and keeping high-quality candidates that are a great fit for your organization. We can help you develop a faster hiring process, better screening, more valuable interviews, and increased retention.

We cover every aspect of the process.

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