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Bankrupt or Billionaire
Business 101

By Harriet Cohen

Perhaps the title is a bit extreme, but if you want to be successful in business you need to know certain facts before you start. Having an idea is great but it doesn’t guarantee success, neither does abundant capital. So let’s begin by looking at basic businesses. I have broken most businesses into 5 types.

How to Hire the Best for YOU!!!
Part 1

By Harriet Cohen

This is NOT about filling warm bodies but rather an integral part of your strategic direction.

Hiring is a process that begins before the job notice goes out. It starts with your strategic plan and looks at where you are going and what skills and knowledge you need to have from your employees.

How to Hire the Best for YOU!!!
Part 2

By Harriet Cohen

You have hired great people, they have the skills and attitude you want and seem to fit your culture.

Alas, your role is just beginning because you want to keep them and develop them to help your company be sustainable. You already know the cost of hiring and you don’t want to keep doing that. Learn the key components of engaging your employees.

Plan for $uccess
How to Write a Realistic Painless
Business Plan in 1 Day

By Harriet Cohen

Would you build a house without blueprints? Would you plan a project without a timeline? Would you go on a road trip without a map?

If you wouldn’t venture into these areas without a plan then why would you ever think of starting a business without one?

SWOT for Goals
Opportunity is Knocking…
Are You Prepared?

by Harriet Cohen

Congratulations! You have selected your business and created your plan! You have identified your target market and created a marketing plan.

Now you need to put the plan into action. But what do you have to work with? Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – the playing field where you will turn plans into actions to achieve your Goals.

Target Marketing
Why Should I Buy From You?

By Harriet Cohen

Remember: this is not about you. It’s about your customer and what’s in it for them. Why do they need or even want what your selling?

I’ll take you through the customer’s hierarchy of needs, to an understanding of demographics and psychographics to the point where they want what you have.

Time Management

By Harriet Cohen

You can’t manage time; it’s elusive, however you can mange the way you handle tasks and projects to be more effective and efficient. This book provides tools and ideas to help you manage your work and feel more accomplished.

Happy Customers

By Harriet Cohen

Who is your customer?
Bet you said the people that buy from you. That is only partly right. Your employees and vendors are also customers and impact your revenue. Basically the people you interact with who buy, refer or sell to you are your customers. Even the people who you want to refer you are your customers indirectly.


I want to express my appreciation for the outstanding support to our acquisitions teams here at the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center. Over the last four years, we have seen many teams’ performance improve, both for functional teams and product teams. Offices have been transformed in meeting their missions. In once case, the larger organization received an Outstanding rating from the Inspector General from Meterial Command. You have met the challenge of facilitating teams in a complex government and industry procurement environment, quickly getting up to speed and being flexible with great team variations.
Dorset E. Higdon, Jr., Lt. Col. USAF

Chief, IPT Purchasing

On behalf of the California Association of Public Purchasing I wish to thank you for your presentation “Is Anyone Listening” which was right on target with our membership. As demonstrated by the positive evaluations. If we don’t connect with our audience and “nobody is listening” we cannot effectively convey our message and be successful. Your presentation, by focusing on this issues and providing tools to successful communication, can only benefit our performance.
Arnie Netka

Port of Los Angeles Director of Purchasing

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