Whether you are starting, maintaining, or growing a business, Training Solutions provides the tools every organization needs.

A consultant helps you to know better so you can do better.

When we know better,
we do better.

– Maya Angelou

No matter what stage your business is in, everyone needs to get advice from an expert who knows business, has been there, and can help guide through the landmines.

Training Solutions will help you hone the skills you have, identify the skills you need to grow, give you perspective on ideas, understand your next business moves, sort out team opportunities, and most importantly help you uncover personal barriers that may be restricting growth.

How Training solutions has helped clients succeed:

  • Created a hiring and onboarding structure for a large organization to improve retention and engagement
  • Hired staffs for several small businesses that are still working there and helping the companies grow
  • Increased revenue by 1000 % for one small company
  • Developed a mentoring program for government and nonprofit organizations
  • Created strategic plans to enable organizations to restructure and pivot to increase market share, improve brand recognition and be more sustainable
  • Executive coach for several individuals who were able to move up in the organizations
  • Using performance management tools enabled managers to be more effective which reduced turnover
  • Taught engagement strategies to senior management which had positive impacts on retention and hiring
  • Focused on target marketing in the creation of collateral material and strategies to strengthen brands
  • Developed diversity and inclusion workshops to improve engagement
  • Brainstormed business development ideas to utilize digital options to maintain brand positioning and address fundraising

How can Training solutions help you?


I also want to acknowledge how obvious it is that you are a respected leader and mentor……I am delighted to be part of each other’s team, local national and international.
Pam Schmidt

VP and general manager ATD

How It Works

Schedule a Session

We meet for 1 to 1 ½ hours discussing your issues and offering ideas or solutions to help you and your organization improve all aspects of performance. As experts we will work with you and your team to ask the right questions while actively listening, and recommending solutions to fit your goals. 

A plan of action is begun. You can continue the process on your own or allow Training Solutions to guide you. This information-packed session is only $100, but worth many times more!


Build a Plan

Working with you, we take you from where you are to where you want to be. We provide the skills, knowledge, tools, and support to enable you to achieve your vision. We do it WITH you, not for you.

Together, we can get you where you belong personally and organizationally.  We partner directly with you, whether you are a business owner, an organization, a government official, an executive, or a developing leader to identify hurdles and opportunities while providing new strategies to you and your business.

The first step is asking the right questions to fully understand where you have been and where you want to go. We assess what you have and what you need.

Once the direction and goals are determined, Training Solutions trains you and your staff in the skills, processes, and systems you need. This helps you identify what you require now and for the future to meet your objectives.

We are your guides as you create the road map for your future.

When you align your business strategy and goals with people, processes, technology, and data you have the ability to optimize and improve the way you operate. As your strategic partner, we will be there for you every step of the way.

You Reach Your Goals

Training Solutions delivers training designed to help you achieve operational excellence which, in turn, provides financial success.
We provide comprehensive ideas and strategies to grow and be sustainable. Improve your organization and get a fresh set of experienced eyes on vexing problems.
We work with you or your team to build a relationship geared toward improving your business. Our team designs consulting strategies tailored to your unique situation while remaining adaptable to solve problems and create new opportunities together.
Jointly, we can tackle your most complex business problems and opportunities.

Isn’t it beautiful when a plan comes together? You, your department, your company – whatever level of goal you set – can be realized with the right tools and information. Get started with Training Solutions today! Just fill in the contact form below to start the discussion.


I want to tell you about the best provider of training and development services, I have had in my eighteen years with the US Air Force, Harriet Cohen.
Harriet Cohen and her company Training solutions were directly responsible for helping the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center train hundreds of integrated product team members more effectively and efficiently than anyone thought it could be done.
The four abilities that allowed her to accomplish this were her exceptional customer orientation, intuitive ability to plan, and her ability to provide professionals who consistently produce results. She was particularly effective at gaining the trust and confidence of senior managers.
Pete DeKam

Capt., SMC/SDS

Here are just a few of our specific services

Foundational Tools

Business plan
Mission/Vision/ Values/ Goals
Strategic plans
SWOT analysis
Financial basics
Defining the organizational chart
Reviewing goals and milestones


Marketing strategies
Target market
Review Branding/ Image/trends
Identify new markets and products
Succession plans and talent management
Exit and stay interviews


Employee manuals and procedures
Job descriptions
Hiring and effective onboarding
Developing an engaged staff
Setting the culture

Management Development

Effective communication
Conflict resolution
Performance management
Change management
Time management
Problem solving/decisions


Meeting customer needs
Identifying who the customer is
Business development


Sexual Harassment

Career paths

Right people in right jobs

Executive Coaching

Goal setting
Problem solving

How can Training solutions help you?

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