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The Top 7 Things You Need To Do: Before You Hire, During The Interview, and The First 6 Months After You Hire


Before You Hire – Get Ready

Here are the things that you should do to get prepared.

Create an Organizational Chart for the Next Two Years

  • Identify what positions need to be filled and create job descriptions for each
  • There is a method for writing job descriptions we can help with that
  • There are key phrases you want to have and some you want to make sure you don’t use

If you have staff

  • Decide if any of them can fill the job descriptions or if you have to hire from outside

If you don’t currently have staff

  • Prioritize the positions and decide where you will start; an assistant or office manager is usually the first

Write the Job Ad to be Posted

  • Include the experience and qualifications you want
  • Describe any physical issues; must be able to lift 25 pounds, or stand for several hours, or walk stairs
  • You may list salary range and hours

Time for the Interview

This could be several levels depending on the position


  • Review the resume if the work experience/qualifications don’t match your needs, send an e-mail note stating that they don’t have the qualifications you are seeking.
  • Telephone Interview: Have 3-5 questions that will help you determine if this person could be who you need. You may ask the salary range

Face to Face Interview

  • Review the job description
  • Ask why they applied for this position, what they know about the company and their career goals
  • Remember you are hiring for 2 reasons; they fit the culture of the company and they have the competencies you need

You Have Chosen the Candidate

Next Steps

Prior to Day 1

  • Send a new hire letter to tell them when to report and where, as well as what to bring

Day 1

  • Set the tone and make them feel welcome
  • Introduce them to the people they will be working with as well as the managers
  • Give them a tour of the office
  • Discuss the employee manual, set up payroll and other important documents
  • Give them the procedures manual for their position

Set Expectations

  • Using the procedures manual and job description set expectations for the job
  • Set weekly meetings to give feedback and review progress
  • After 2 months reduce the meetings to every other week
  • After 4 months meet monthly. The meetings can be less than 20 minutes to check-in and make sure all is on track

Enable them to play to their strengths and do their best work

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